Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Park City Yoga Adventures

One of the coolest jobs I've had in awhile as far as a totally unique experience. I was contacted to photograph a session of Park City Yoga Adventures. They specialize in doing yoga in places other then the regular spots. A few of these adventures include hiking in summer, snowshoeing to a yurt in winter and something very unique to Utah is on a paddleboard in a geothermal crater!
"For over a century people have come from far and wide to experience the therapeutic mineral-rich waters of the Homestead Crater. Just 15 minutes from Park City, this 10,000 year old hot spring has long been touted for its restorative properties. "
The Crater looks like a regular hill other then the fenced off opening at the top that reveals a 55 foot drop to 90 plus degree mineral water that is the color of the Caribbean and is 85 feet deep. Luckily there is a tunnel that takes you right inside where there are changing areas and a dock and benches to get the best experience. They even offer scuba diving classes there to take advantage of the crystal clear water and amazing temperature.

Park City Yoga Adventure's owner and yoga leader Julia Geisler was wonderful and I hope to do another shoot with her in the Crater in the near future. The only thing I regret is not bringing a suit so that I could also get in on the action! 

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  1. Holy shit. That looks both challenging and fun to shoot at the same time. Kinda makes me want to take up photography up as a hobby.