Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011 Mountain Man Rendezvous in Fort Bridger Wyoming

I grew up in Wyoming and will love that state for as long as I live. There is something different about growing up in the least populous state in the union.
"The Fort Bridger Rendezvous is an annual reenactment of trading which took place during the Fur Trade Era between mountain men, Native Americans, fur trappers and traders. Every year over Labor Day weekend the town of Fort Bridger, Wyoming holds a reenactment of the Rendezvous which took place during the Fur Trade Era. Marksmanship contests are held with rifles of the time period, along with axe throwing contests and archery. Foods of the time period are also sold, and the Fort Bridger Historical site has workshops people can get involved in to learn about what life was like in those days."
I have always loved going to the Rendezvous but in the last few years especially. A few friends and I have picked up blackpowder rifle shooting and tomahawk throwing. Going camping and having that taste of the old days is always a great feeling, especially when I am tired of being in the rush of the

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